Poem 'As vitórias Regias' from the book "The river the bird the clouds" by M. Theophilo

They were stars falling into the river, they were stars
the vistórias régias. I know - Yanoá thinks -
not only animals but all in nature has a soul,
a winged soul that leaves the earth when it dreams. And
always dreams places unknown. «Yanoá, Yanoá wake up!
so that the birds can take you away on their wings,
dreams can destroy you.» She wakes frightened by her own cries.
The birds want to tear away my soul,
I don't want to be alone with thoughts.
Her face illuminates and her thick hair hangs down
straight on her lined face, ancient,
sculptured by dreams and by the sun.
One day Yanoá will go with her dreams, will go with Yara
to the depths of the waters.
«Yanoá come play with me, protect me
from the fish who rule the waters and the plants,
grown at the bottom of the sea.
All day long fishes come and go
in between your long hair».


Márcia Theóphilo - 1984
English version by Hania Kochansky -2000

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