Poem "Pitanga" from the book "Kupahúba" by Marcia Theophilo

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Love is born like roots:
with the intense heat of the sun.
Like fruits,
smells picked in time.
It blossoms in January, it ripens
in June. Nourishing substance,
vermilion, fleshy force
love is born in our mouth
on the tongue in the spittle
it distracts us from our dramas
vibrating eyes overflow
coconut water, pitanga
green on the mountain and on the beaches
love is born widely,
like roots, seed grains
fall on the viscous, juicy soil
in the month of December the green is dark
rains and more rains
green and then ripe red
and new hard grains
dried out seeds.
Love is born like roots.

Márcia Theóphilo, 2000
English version by Riccardo Duranti

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