Poem "Munguba" from the book "Kupahúba" by Marcia Theophilo

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Looking at me someone will try
to size up my bright body
but I, the leafy munguba, I
am even wider:
my flowers are large,
white, yellow or pink
cannot be appraised with one look
Lights and shadows dilate me,
they dilute me in the great river,
in the marshy soil
I fertilise embryos made of light
and unique colours.
Seed and fruit, transmutating bodies
ferruginous vermilion
in my entrails I concentrate energies
and attract appetite, the ravenous lust
for cutias, for parrots, for monkeys.
In the warm breath of tropical waters
on my branches, thousands
of feathers and down, rainbows of birds
are singing their dreams of seduction.

Márcia Theóphilo, 2000
English version by Riccardo Duranti

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