Poems CXXXIX-CXLI from the book 'The Jaguar Children' by Marcia .Theophilo

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Urucu, Pajurá, Jupicahy
Tuari, Arari, Mangalô
disguised as trees and animals
entered the big metropolis


The goddess Jaguar wants to see
with the eyes of Tauarí
The eyes of the goddess come and go
from the earth to the sea
from the sea to the earth
the goddess wants to see
with the eyes of Tauarí
with the eyes of Tauarí


the rhythm of the drum, l'abre-alas
multitude of trees
faces-branches confused
with the sound of the rivers
of the water-falls:
city big
streets lit

Márcia Theóphilo - 1994
English version by Hania Kochansky -2000

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