Poem "Catuetê Curupira" from the book "Catuetê Curupira" by Marcia Theophilo

Yesterday for the first time appeared
the first lines on the face of the earth
contorted in the viscera
the ships the waters
multiply without end
Catueté Curupira
the forests are calling you
to punish those who land
and fell the animals and frighten the trees
making them feel isolated

in the middle of the woods
the famished trees
the dazzled trees
in the middle of the woods
in the middle of cement the trees implore you
tamacueré yndayara Catueté Curupira

many trees found famished
recounting dark and fantastic tales
of destroyed cities are the sole testimonies
alive or half-alive of what remains of mankind
tim tim he taya boya
shadows in rigid curves
the branches dry at the extremities
stretch out to pick the most tender men
devouring them

Man frightened continues
killing the green
riding motorcycles
that emanate a loud groan
before starting up
and make the animals run away
The green continues to grow under the dust
on trees covered with nails and lime
the green is reborn in Spring
insistent in its final cry.
Face without colour and without blood
the rivers rot
the old people witness frightened
the conveniences and the will of the young
the world shows its wounds through a device
which repeats images of destruction.

Catueté Curupira
the forests are calling you.


Márcia Theóphilo - 1975
English version by Hania Kochansky -2000

poem Mungubapoem Yara