“The Jaguar Children”

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By Desmond O'Grady

This is a poetess whom I esteem very much. Her last books were introduced by famous poets as Mario Luzi and Rafael Alberti.
Master Mario Luzi said about her: "The Brazilian poetess Márcia Theóphilo, whose poetic inspiration and talent are 'disruptive' and whose passionate culture is ethnic and endemic, sang an hymn to those 'meninos' on whom rages a wicked perversity which reaches a sinister persecution. (...) The short compositions of her work are full of the lyric sensitiveness and grace of an unlimited choral singing. And this univocal and total singing stands out by high notes which instead of breaking it, sublimate it."
I myself wrote a preface for her last book ("Os meninos jaguar/The Jaguar Children"), which was supported by WWF, where I said: "Is this the dream of a jaguar-poetess who is able, by her poetry, to enter in all living beings, to fly with hawks and jump 'among waves with 'boto vermelho', the magic pink dolphin of the Amazonian river? Is this the utopia of an Amazonian daughter who calls for help the Forest Soul to face the perversion of the world? No, it is much more than this. As the real poets' eyes are light and memory', in her sumptuous river poem Marcia Theophilo shows a way, a course."

Desmond O'Grady, Rome, 2000



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